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Sungai Tekala Waterfall

Hidden away in the Hulu Langat district, find a piece of paradise called the Sungai Tekala Waterfall. Located within a tropical rainforest, this waterfall in Selangor can be reached from Ulu Langat or Semenyih. The crystal clear waters of the shallow Sungai Tekala is suitable for swimming and simple changing facilities are available for the convenience of tourists. The upper levels of the river lead to a shimmering waterfall cascaded into a natural rock bowl.

Serendah Waterfall

Tucked secretly 3 kilometres away from the indigenous village named Perkampungan Orang Asli Serendah, lies Serendah Waterfall. Also known as Templer Kai, you will be able to get a glimpse of the Orang Asli lifestyle as you drive to the waterfall. Although the waterfall can seem small and shallow, the gushing water of the cascades is a soothing splash for those who sit by it.

Sungai Tua Waterfalls

Made up of swimming and wading pools, rapids, waterfalls and a near-vertical plunge, Sungai Tua Falls is perfect for all sorts of activities-picnics, swimming, barbecues, camping and more! Found within the Sungai Tua Recreational Forest. Driving to these waterfalls is a scenic experience in itself, offering views of the rainforests and the majestic Batu Dam.

Sungai Gabai Waterfall

Allow the serene atmosphere and the lush greenery of the Sungai Gabai Waterfall sweep you into a calm state of tranquilly. Located in Selangor State Park, this waterfall in Selangor is a popular spot for a fast getaway from the city. As one of Kuala Lumpur's closest waterfalls, which can also be easily reached by car, this natural attraction is a convenient option when planning a refreshing getaway. Walk along the wooden and concrete bridges over the streams to hit the top of Sungai Gabai's multi-cascade waterfalls.