Getting Around Klang Valley


The Klang Valley Integrated Transit System currently consists of three light rapid transit (LRT) lines, two commuter rail lines, one monorail line, one bus rapid transit line, and three airport rail links. The LRT lines connect the city centre with major suburbs around the city. The monorails serve various locations in the city centre. Several interchanging stations integrate these rail services.


Travelling by bus within the Klang Valley isn’t different from travelling in KL. Busses in the Klang Valley are operated by a variety of transport operators and have many uses. There are nine-stage bus operators in the Klang Valley, including Kuala Lumpur, which run approximately 3,200 stage buses together.


E-hailing has become one of the most popular modes of transport modes in Malaysia by locals and foreigners alike due to its high reliability and access due to its user-friendly mobile app. One of the best reasons to use E-hailing service is transparent and fixed fares made clear even before a booking is made. Passengers are also covered with accident insurance the moment they enter a car provided through the E-hailing service provider.


Klang Valley has a wide chain of well-connected expressways. Most expressways in Kuala Lumpur adopt an open toll collection system. NKVE is the only closed toll system in Klang Valley. Payment options include stored value card Touch 'n Go or the electronic toll collection systems Smart TAG.