Tips on your way around Klang Valley

There are many ways to enjoy Klang Valley from many different angles. One can take the train, bus, car or even walking on foot. Each method will offer different experiences and angles of the Klang Valley lifestyle and each one deserves a try. But unfortunately, most people in Klang Valley prefer to travel from Point A to Point B by car – which will cause heavy traffic congestion. This is mostly due to the Malaysian hot and humid weather where showers can start unexpectedly at random areas at any time of the day with sunny days that can be scorching hot – making walking or traveling by public transportation quite a fuss. Moreover, walking or hopping on or off public transportations is not a part of the society’s culture - where having cars means having the luxury to go further and out of your neighborhood area. This should not be a problem for unleashing the explorer in you. It would be refreshing to explore Klang Valley other than from your car windshield. So, some tips might be handy for those who wish to experience Klang Valley al fresco.

1. Comfort Wear light, airy clothes and sneakers if you wish to do a lot of walking. This will ensure maximum comfort no matter where you are – in the crowded train or under the sun. Do not be afraid of appearing unfashionable and tourist-like since there are plenty of cool, hip and trendy streetwear styles to experiment with. Even gym clothes are very trendy nowadays. So, grab those Nikes and walk!

2. Touch & Go It is always handy to have a Touch & Go card anywhere you go for that emergency hop on the trains and buses. It is also very handy for when you wish to avoid long queues in toll plazas. Better yet, invest on buying a Smart Tag device for that smooth drive through the toll gates. You can also use the card for parking entrances in shopping malls or airports – saves you plenty of time and fuss queueing for the autopay machine. Stop scavenging for small change in your purse as Touch & Go provides you the cashless experience in Klang Valley. Plus, you can also dine and shop using your Touch & Go cards. This makes for a seamless, fast and safe way for traveling as you won’t have to carry so much cash around. You can easily reload your Touch & Go cards at the ATM, 7-Eleven, Watsons outlets, petrol stations and many more. You don’t have to worry about losing the card with plenty of RMs credited inside as each Touch & Go card can be registered online with your personal details recorded. So, whenever you lose the card, just call the T&G hotline and they will deactivate the card and reimburse the amount in a brand new card.

3. Stuck in traffic? Just “Park & Ride”. The ‘Park & Ride’ concept has been adopted in many locations around Klang Valley such as LRT/KTM stations, KL Sentral, Terminal Bersepadu Selatan, Putrajaya Sentral and many more. This is to encourage the residences around a neighborhood to park their car at a nearby station’s parking lot and take public transportations to the desired destination. This is to reduce the traffic congestion on the roads especially during peak hours. This is a popular method for those who commute to work every day, especially for those who have to cross a highly-congested area to go to work. Special traveling passes with special, discounted rates are available for frequent commuters – some of them include MyRapid Smart 7 weekly and Smart 30 monthly cards. Another smart way to use the ‘Park & Ride’ amenities is to find the nearest LRT/KTM station whenever you find yourself stuck in traffic. Unusual traffic jams are a regular thing in Klang Valley as some accidents or unfortunate break-downs might happen in the middle of a heavy traffic – causing a terribly slow crawl of vehicles that might get you stuck for hours. Be smart and Waze your way to the nearest exit and find yourself an LRT/KTM station to get to your destination faster and safer. Public transportation schedules are extensive enough to accommodate your needs as most services ends slightly after midnight.

5. RSA (R&R) and Drive-Thru If you are on the rush to go somewhere and didn’t get to munch on that homemade fresh toast, you can stop by the Rest and Service Areas (Rehat & Rawat) to grab that quick breakfast fix. These service areas are fondly called R&Rs by locals and they are usually equipped with prayer rooms, toilets, food trucks, food court, convenient stores, petrol stations and famous fast food outlets like Baskin Robbins and KFC. The food court and other amenities run 24/7 and you can usually find these nifty rest areas every 50km along some major highways like PLUS highways. Some of the famous ones are in Dengkil and Seremban. Fast food restaurants like McDonald’s and Starbucks are also available for drive-thru. Whether you are on your way to hike up Broga Hill early in the morning or heading to a picnic spot with friends, drive-thrus are available in some major highways around Klang Valley like NKVE and MRR2.


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