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The transportation system in Klang Valley is very reliable and convenient. There are many options to choose from and each one will give you unique experiences. From buses to boats, each offers you the convenience of being chauffeured to the places you’d like to visit. Keep your car at home, save some petrol, avoid toll plazas, forget the stress of having to maneuver around reckless drivers or traffic jams and hop on to some of the best public transport around! This segment will teach you on how to get the best out of the various kinds of public transport all in one day. Hop on and hop off in different environments and explore. It is a “Traveling 5 Ways” challenge focusing on the spectacular administration city of Putrajaya which will take you on an adventure through ERL train, public bus, cruise boats, cycling and car trips. Accept the challenge, follow this through and you can tell all your friends that you have tried almost all of the available public transport in Klang Valley. Trust me, it will be an unforgettable adventure.