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Have you ever been to a coffee shop and spent more than enough time to decide on what to drink? There are so many types of drinks to choose from, some you don’t even know how to pronounce. “Macchiato? Is that a dress?” So, we think that it is necessary for everybody to be informed of the different types of espresso drinks as they are crafted differently to cater to different needs and tastes. The art of brewing and perfecting a cup of coffee has always been evolving, and it leaves us with an abundance of choices to make. Finding the right cup for you is like finding a soulmate; so it is best to know what works for you so that you can make the most out of your café trips.

This Special Feature segment will guide you through the world of coffee; from the different types of coffee beans to how coffee can be good for you. Coffee is the world’s most consumed type of beverage and people love it for plenty of good reasons. For most people, it is a comfort drink. Some also incorporate coffee in their cooking. With its versatility, it is obvious that coffee is loved all around the world, with different nations inventing their own version to suit their culture. The coffee culture in Malaysia has been growing rapidly, with humble beginnings of kopitiams to the high-end breweries that are springing up everywhere like mushrooms after the rain. Whether it is the good old kopitiam or your fancy neighborhood café, places that serve coffee has always been the den for “kaki lepak” in Malaysia. Altogether, they have brought up a one-of-a-kind coffee culture that lures coffee lovers with their lucrative, aromatic smell of coffee beans.