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Klang the Origin.

Early civilization in Klang is believed to exist since the Bronze Age where various metal and bronze artefacts around the area. Some of the artefacts related to the community in the prehistoric era include metal with sockets, Dongson drum and bronze bell. Researchers believe the metal with sockets artefacts were produced locally while the bronze artefacts were brought in from some other place for bartering with tin and forest produce. This discovery proves that there was interaction between the early residences of Klang with the outside world that existed through trading. Research also has shown that most of the earliest trading hubs in Selangor, including Klang, were situated near riverbanks. Thus, this further strengthens the importance of rivers since the early ages as food source and allowing connectivity – in which became the foundation of human socio-cultural development. According to the researcher for the history of Selangor, Faisal Surani, Klang has a long line of history. Prior to the discovery of the Bronze Age artefacts, Klang is believed to be 2,500 years old and based on artefacts found from the Stone Age, Klang has been occupied since 4,500 years ago.

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